Make Your Jewellery Sparkle with Connoisseurs. Trusted by Jewellery Professionals and Jewellery Lovers Everywhere. There is a constant in the world of jewellery. If you want to the care for your jewellery, clean it with Connoisseurs, the most trusted name in jewellery care. Quality-made in the USA, Connoisseurs is preferred by jewellery lovers for its effectiveness and also because it’s the quickest, most convenient way to care for jewellery. Not only does clean jewellery look better, it also deep cleans.

    Nowadays we’re all washing our hands more than ever—but hand soap can cause your jewellery to lose its natural lustre. Make Your Jewellery Sparkle with Connoisseurs Jewellery Care. Don’t trust detergents, tooth brushes, ammonia—these things will only detract from your jewellery’s appearance, while adding nothing to the cleansing effect of Connoisseurs. 

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