Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart


    Welcome to 'Wild at Heart', our jewellery collection inspired by the untamed beauty of Aotearoa.

    Our collection was born from the idea that Kiwis have a deep connection to the land and sea. We've combined iconic symbols of our culture with modern shapes and materials to create a range that is distinctively New Zealand.

    We've taken inspiration from the lush forests of the North Island, the rugged coastlines of the South Island and the unique wildlife that can be found in both. From the majestic kiwi to the soaring kōtuku (white heron), each piece carries a little piece of New Zealand with it.

    The collection is designed to be taken on the road - whether you're traveling domestically or abroad, you can take a piece of Aotearoa with you.

    For those who feel a deep connection to this land, 'Wild at Heart' is the perfect way to wear your love of Aotearoa.

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