Here's to Dad!

Whether he wears embarrassing sandals (or crocs), or tells the daddest of jokes, life would be pretty boring without him.
The person who could turn any chore into a game and whom you could always count on to throw around a ball on a dull afternoon. The one whose hands are equally as skilled at building blanket forts and tree houses as they are at slaying dragons, and if they caught you out of bed watching cartoons late at night, would probably join you. 

This Father's Day, join us in celebrating the father figures in our lives and say "Thank you" with the perfect gift and a day spent enjoying something fun together! We've put together a shortlist of our favourite ideas to spend time with Dad this Father's Day. 

Cook Up a Storm

Your dad has been taking care of you for years! Now it's his turn to relax, so pour him a drink while you whip up something tasty to share
You can also take him out for a meal to his favourite restaurant or café.
Go on an Adventure
Hit a cycle trail, go for a wander along the beach, hike up Mt Te Aroha or enjoy a riverside picnic. 
You could even get out on the water in a kayak on a SUP or a cruise on the Waikato River Explorer.
Build a Fort
It's a well documented fact that Dads are expert crafts people and nothing is quite as much fun as building a blanket fort! 

Once the fort is up prepare your favourite snacks and break out some board games or watch their favourite movie with them for the ultimate family fun.
Here at Precious Metals, we know that gifts for Dad can be particularly tricky to arrange, especially if your dad is the type who already has everything and is reasonably tight lipped about what he wants. Check out our Father's Day gift guide to accompany the perfect day!
So what will you and dad get up to this Father's Day?

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