Top Five Engagement Ring Trends in 2023

Is 2023 the year you ask your special someone to be your forever love? Perhaps you’re looking forward to saying “yes!”? Well read on lovers, because we recently sat down with one of our designers and had a chat about the new trends we can expect to see in Engagement Ring designs this year. 


  1. One of a Kind
  2. Lab-Created Diamonds and Coloured Gemstones
  3. Trilogy Rings
  4. Toi et Moi and Asymmetric settings 
  5. East West Settings
One of a kind bespoke engagement ring design

1 - One of a Kind

We all have a unique and beautiful story to tell and becoming engaged is such a momentous occasion in life. This moment should be celebrated and if there’s ever a time in your life to have something special crafted, for the ultimate in self expression, to last a lifetime, this is probably it. 

It is often misconstrued that Custom Designed Rings are more expensive. At Precious Metals we work closely with our clients to create a piece that fits in with their budget. It is worth noting that designs usually start at around $1500, similar to off the shelf engagement rings, and usually take around 6-8 weeks to complete once the design is finalised. 

If you think custom design is the perfect choice for you but want your partner to have a say in the design, you can always propose with one of our Promise Rings. These Sterling Silver and CZ rings look amazing for that perfect photo to remember the moment and can be traded in for credit towards your final design or choice of ring. If the time frames are too long for you or Custom is not for you, why not look into personalising an aspect of an existing ring, like getting it engraved or setting a special gem underneath the band.

Lab created diamonds and coloured gemstone

2 - Lab-Created Diamonds and Coloured Gemstones

Sustainable, ethical and mindful purchasing is important for the preservation and conservation of our beautiful planet. Advancement in technology now means that we can create diamonds in a laboratory in a fraction of the time that they take to form naturally, at a fraction of price. This also means that you can choose to have a higher grade diamond, a larger stone or save your hard earned pennies by opting for lab created diamonds. Lab created diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical characteristics as a natural diamond and it's impossible to tell the difference by simply looking at them. Furthermore, they are graded the same as natural diamonds so you can rest assured of their quality and value. 

Diamonds have been a firm favourite for engagement rings throughout the years, but recently coloured gemstones have also seen a rise in popularity. With an incredible array of colours to choose from, it really is no surprise that people are choosing coloured stones like garnets, emeralds, sapphires and rubies, to create a bold and unique forever piece. 

Trilogy engagement ring

3 - Trilogy Rings

2023 has been the year for celebrating icons of the past and it would seem engagement ring trends are no different. One classic design making a comeback in a beautifully big way is the Trilogy ring. Featuring a tri-stone setting, these gorgeous rings are often symbolic of ‘past, present and future’ and carry the double meaning of ‘to love, honour and cherish’. You can, of course, add your own triple meaning to your trilogy ring, making these rings just that much more special and sure to win over the heart of your special someone. Trilogy rings traditionally showcase three stones of the same shape and size, so choosing to use combinations of different shapes and sizes will make your ring uniquely yours. 

Asymmetric Engagement ring design

4 - Toi-et-Moi and Asymmetric Ring Settings

A major trend for the last few years has been asymmetry in engagement ring design, especially in Toi-et-Moi settings. Toi-et-Moi rings are a mix of two stones, usually the two are differentiated by size, colour or shape (or all of these). These rings make expressive and unique pieces that really make a statement. Imbued with a double meaning of “you and me”, as it translates to from French, it is easy to see why Toi-et-Moi settings have become so popular in the engagement ring market. Not all Asymmetric rings are Toi-et-moi settings, however, all manner of asymmetric designs are becoming increasingly popular with some designers specialising almost exclusively in this design style for its individuality and uniqueness. 

East West Engagement ring design

5 - East-West Settings

A fresh new way to breathe style into a traditional design is the East-West setting. By simply rotating your stone of choice 90 degrees you can achieve a contemporary take on a classic solitaire. We expect this design choice to be very popular with people who prefer minimalist, uncomplicated design and expect baguette, emerald, marquise, pear and oval stone shapes to be most popular for these settings. 


As beautiful as all of these trends are, they are by no means an exhaustive list, and there are so many choices when it comes to engagement rings. We firmly believe that an engagement ring should be created to suit the person wearing the piece, not necessarily to suit the current trends - it will be worn for a long time after all.
Instead, we strive to work closely with our design clients to ensure that their bespoke pieces are unique, beautiful and timeless, matching their personal style and tastes. Therefore, this list is by no means an indication of how we think you should choose your engagement ring in 2023 - if you’d like assistance with that, please feel free to contact us today, we would love to help.

That being said, we are professionals in our field and we will forever be curious about what’s new (and new again) in our industry - not to mention that we love a good look at pretty sparkly things. Let us know your favourite engagement ring style in the comments below! 

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